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7 layer corrugated cardboard production line

7 layer corrugated cardboard production line

Product name : 7 Layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line
Item: WJ-1400-2500MM
7 Layer Corrugated Cardboard Production

Code. Name Qly.
1 Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand 7
2 Railing and Tracks 14
3 Pre-Heater 3
4 Single Facer 3
5 Pre-Heater(core paper) 3
6 Triplex Layer Bridge Conveyor 1
7 Multi Pre-Heater 1
8 Triplex Gluing Machine 1
9 Double Facer 1
10 Main Driver 1
11 Thin Blade Slitter Scorer 1
12 NC Cutting Machine 1
13 Gantry Stacker 1
14 Glue Making System 1
15 Pneumatic System 1
16 Steam Recycling System 1
17 Electric System 1
18 Digital display screen optional
19 Auto splicer optional
20 Auto glue making system optional
21 Production management system optional
Note: Detail configurations are available for customers' requirements.

Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

Mechanical Character:
1. Max. Paper diameter:1500mm;
2. Min. Paper diameter:300mm;
3. Hydraulic station motor power:3.7 kw;
4. Diameter of lift oil container:100mm;
5. Diameter of level oil container:63mm;
6. Hydraulic, expanding chucks are optional;
7. Shaftless, two arms,easy for mill loading, machine keep running during mill roll replacement.
8. Paper tension controlled by pneumatically operated disc brake(optional), manual setting the tension easily, the tension control unit in auto splicer will take over the control of the  brake torque;
9. Control panel is on every arm, easy operation.

Railing and tracks

1.Automatic moving the paper roll, motorized control,it can be save many labors, light and flexible;
2.Rail way is on the ground,main structure us welded with 16 channel steel,firm and durable;
3.The upper steel plate will be welded after installation on the premise;
4.We will send the all foundry.

Pre-heater & Pre-conditioner

The machine summary:
This machine is designed to put the noodles paper(stare blankly paper) heating and drying in the control of the temperature and humidity core paper the machine.

Mechanical properties:
1. Preheat roller diameter:900mm, 1000mm, 1100mm;
2. Cylinder turns, uniform and reduce the preheated base paper cut paper, can choose servo type, fixed speed type and fixed;
3. Cylinder and leading paper roller surfacer grinding and the hard chromium plating;
4. Leading paper round a fixed, another can be in preheater peripheral swimming, leading paper round position to electric adjustment;
5. Electric adjustment base area of hot flashes, preheat cylinder bag angle in 50°-270° between;
6. Drain system using new hydrophobic device.

Single Facer

Single facer is designed for producing single-face corrugated paper;the medium process into wave-paper, and past glue on the top of flutes, sick with liner become into single-face corrugated paper.
1. Design speed: 150m/min;
2. Driving part:22kw frequency motor;
3. Steam pressure: 10~13 kg;
4. Flute type: UV type, corrugating roller diameter:Ø320mm. One pair;
5. Corrugating roller raw materials: 48CrMo alloy steel,Tungsten carbide for optional;
6. Flute: A,C,B or E could required by buyer;
7. Pressuring roller:Ø328mm one pcs, made in special hard steel,surface do grinding and chroming;
8. Gluing roller: Ø250mm,one pcs, surface do grinding,embossing and  chroming;
9. Doctor roller:Ø140mm,one pcs,surface do grinding,chroming and polishing;

Technical parameter:
1. Upper corrugating roller lift-down controller by two hydraulic cylinder;
2. Cylinder specification: with magnetic valve button & hydraulic station control pressure roller;
3. Gluing group: Advance and retreat of the glue roller house is control by two pneumatic cylinders with magnetic valve button control;
4. Adjust glue thickness: Quantity of pasting glue and control glue is controlled by the clearance between glue roller and doctor roller adjustment and the inter-face appear control,figure show gluing details;
5. Adjust advance and treat of glue roller and pressure roller clearance:The electric motor drive cam micro-adjust, and display the adjusting quantity on inter-face by the motor.
6. Main drive part: Main drive with the separate gear box to shift drive,gear is made from high quality alloy steel and the dip oil type, low noise,long life;
7. Driving part details: The gear box transfer the kinetic energy to the three rollers( upper, down corrugated roller and pressure roller) through the universal transmission shaft. The structure ensure the stable performance, easy and fast to maintenance;
8. Add three stream turning tie-ins,steam tube and one backwater equipment;
9. The axis of upper,down corrugated roller and pressure roller adopt the resistant high temperature oil to lubricate.

Pre-heater (Core paper)

  The diameter of the pre-heater are 900mm,1000mm for your choice.
  The pre-heater can adopts fixed style and adjust the surface of the wheel basing on the wearing.
  Pre-heater can do self-rotation to increase the effect of heat conducting with manual brake.
  The pre-heater can adopt gear motor constant speed rotation, uneasy to break the paper.
  The pre--heater wheel is up to the standard of the national pressure vessel manufacturing with the certificate.
  Electric adjusting the pre--heating area; the adjusting range is 60°-240°.
  The raw paper can be moved correction to reduce breaking paper and increase the paper molding of the inspection certificate.
  Working width: 1400-2500mm.


Mechanical Character:
1. According to cardboard types, they have single, double,triplex overbridge conveyor;
2. Adopt adsorption and strain tighten set, set up adsorption strain adjustment set, assure stick hard level hard level off while the cardboard transit heating plank;
3. It can be adjusted arbitrarily;
4. With safety rails, staircases and board to insure operator safety and also make easy to operate;
5. Adopt in-phase electric drive, equip high,low speed paper stacking set, realize the purpose of transmitting restored single facer corrugated cardboard;

Multi-roller Pre-heater
  Diameter of pre-heater roller: Ø600mm, Ø900mm, Ø 1100mm.
  Working width: 1400-2500mm
  Electrically adjusting wrap angels butterfly or flat head to ensure even heating of raw paper.
  Each roller surface is treated with hard chrome plating, grinding and polishing, glabrous and durable.
  Configuration: singe-& muti-roller.

Gluing machine
  Single layer, double layer and three layer are used in 3,5,7 ply production line.
  High precision and chrome plated anilox roller, well-distributed glue and used up less glue.
  Auto circle glue supply system to prevent the sinking of the glue.
  Free pre-heating system can speed up the glue pasting and improve the adhesive strength.
  Pressing roll and pasting roll, pasting roll and gluing roll's gap electric adjusting.
  Electric glue pasting space(GLUE-spread PLC for choice)
  Press roller device is adopted to press paper and paste glue and press roller device is controlled to go up and down pneumatically.(press board for choice)
  With external electric supply and glue pasting roller individual drive device.(self electric supply for choice)
  Auto-control glue device and auto-check broken paper unit for choice.
  Max. Speed: 220m/min
  Work width:1400-2500mm
Double facer

  Design speed:150-250m/min
  Hot plates:18,20,22pcs polished & hard chrome plating.
  The hot plate pressure roller is coarctation style, whole lift-lower are oil pressure control available.
  The upper canvas strap was equipped automatic and manual deflection adjusting device, pneumatic tension.
  The lower canvas strap was equipped with strain and left-fight adjustment device.
  Cooling and molding parts adopt coarctation suspend style pressure roller design.
  Transmission gear is oil-immersed airproof drive or half airproof oil-immersed drive.
With deviation correction device for belt mazy interval channel in heating plates make heating even.
  Drive roller are wrapped wearable latex, long time lifetime.
  The intelligence pressing plate is optional.

10 Main driver
   Design speed: 150-250 m/min
   The surface of the drive roller is wrapped with non-slip belt/rubber.
   The shafts of upper and lower drive rollers are dischargeable.
   With this feature, it is very easy to maintain.
   With frequency converter is from international famous brand with reliable performance.
   Independent drive box, oil immersed type lubricating to reduce noise, keep running stable.

11 CNC Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

The order adjustment of slitting blade and creasing wheel is independent servo controlled, fast, precise and reliable.
  The slitting and creasing speed is variable-frequency controlled to realize the sync adjustment to the cardboard speed.
  The creasing gap can be automatically sync-adjusted during order change.
  It is equipped with 8″colorful touch screen, convenient for operating and monitoring on site.
  It is provided with communication interface to be on line with the central monitoring and managing system for auto order change and order management.
  The auto deflection-correction device is optional to automatically track the deflection-correction operations of sheet edge and color mark.

 Technical parameters
 Working width: 1800mm, 2200mm
 Max. speed: 200 m/min
 Min. Slitting width: 150mm
 Min. creasing width: 0mm
 Deflection-corrected range: 100mm
 Deflection-corrected precision: 1mm

12 NC cutting machine

  With single layer or double layer structure for choice
  Adopts individual AC servo motor, AC servo motor controls cutter with high efficiency and high precision.
  Adopts PLC to display all kinds of production information which can be looked through, revised, added or canceled.
  The computer can store many groups orders and can change specifications automatically.
  The screw-knife is made of special material with less cutting force, high efficiency and long service life.
  The drive box adopts oiled exact gear drive with little space, low noise and steady and steady transmission.
  Output paper adopts individual motor drive; automatically follow the speed of the production line.
  The length of the cut-paper is 500mm-9999mm;cutting precision is ±1mm.
  Max. speed: 200m/min
  Working width:1400-2200mm.
13 Sackers-NCDM type computer horizontal verticalangle stacker 

 Three section belt structure, independent frequency motor driving.
  Follow the production line automatically and can adjusting the speed.
  Control unit adopt high quality human-computer interface and controlled by the PLC.
  Finish the paperboard transport, batch, and stack and counter exactly automatically.
  Stacker plate form pneumatic subsection control, backboard palace electrically or auto adjusting.
  Landscape arrange roller adopt same step belt driving, running, stable operation. easy to maintain.
  The max. Stacker length: 3600mm.
  Adaptation production line's speed≤180m/min
  Working width:1400-2500mm

Gluing Making System

(Automatic Glue Making System Function Feature)
1. This system of glue making process is fully automatic;
2. This system when it making the glue, no need additive. The seepage force starch very strong and stable, long time no separation. This system when making the carry glue, the machines power big,high rotate speed cutting more well-distributed. Meanwhile the serrated knife blade damage the starch molecular link directly, let the starch grain become more small, let the molecular more easy to permeate into paper, no need add additive to increase adhesion strength,in addition when mixing the system equipped with traditional promote mixing blades to insure mixing cutting more well-distributed and smaller,  let the adhesive more thinning and stable;
3. This system charging process controlled by procedural setting and we design the software of control system operated stable and reliable according to the different carton factories business situation.
 (1) Amount and feed of material
All material feeding via procedure setting and control by PLC, amount precise, avoided the traditional glue making system due to operator factors influence the glue quality, especially viscosity and pasting temperature, so the traditional glue making system is hard to control;
 (2)Temperature control
    The system equipped with temperature transducer and display control temperature of glue, in order to ensure the starch molecule more easy to dissolve in water, meanwhile avoid the adhesive quality do not any changes by ambient temperature. The temperature via procedure setting controlled by PLC;
 (3) This machine equipped with automatic washing program, via the procedure setting, let the washing water becomes as for next making glue water use, so can be realize saving much water;
 (4) Store glue when the glue will use up, it can be automatic making the glue;
 (5) The time of cutting and mixing via procedure controlled by PLC;
4. When making the same quality glue, this system compare with traditional making system,this system making is shorter, in order to meet the needs of the high-speed production line;
5. This system has human-computer inter face. It can watch the process of making glue, in order to storage many kinds of glue to choice to use and with modify function ;

Structure feature
1. This system adopt special cutting device, meanwhile with traditional advance blade.Main pot material is carbon steel;
2. This machine adopt 2 sets total 6 pcs weighing transducer, via secondary meter adopt PLC control to feeding the material;
3. This system via the setting program. Due to PLC control the time of cutting and mixing;
4. This system has convert alkali system. Including the carbon steel convert alkali pot,carbon steel alkali lye storage pot and transfer pot, tube and 2 sets alkali lye pump. This system also has the mixing device, the solid alkali become alkali lye then storage in pot, PLC automatic control the new alkali lye to transfer pot, the alkali lye height is controlled by PLC, via PLC control can be automatic add when the level is too low. The alkali lye tube connect adopt new technology, to avoid leakage;
5. Starch storage pot material is carbon steel. Meanwhile with helix pusher system. Storage pot with 2 pcs level mater, 2 pcs shaker, when the starch less under the line, the system will give an alarm to add the material;
6. This machine with borax storage channel and pusher, borax channel adopt special shape and the pusher adopt helix tube type's add the borax the speed is slow and well-distributed;
7. This machine with temperature transducer. Via the procedure setting, display on secondary meter, adopt PLC control temperature, man
8. Main component( glue pump, pneumatic valve and electrical component) adopt imported brand, insure the operation more reliable and stable;
9. Main parts( alkali liquor system,main axis, tube,cutting and advance blade etc.) All adopt stainless steel, insure the working life;
10. The system adopts PLC control, ensure the operational reliability. Adopt weighing transducer, ensure the feeding material precise, so the adhesive more stable;
11. This machine main frame adopts coating process,clean and tidy;

Pneumatic system

1. Centralized air supplying with air compressing station;
2. Compressed air filtered at the inlet is clean and stable;
3. Individual control of each unit independently of each other;
4. Adjustable pressure with pressure meter for each unit;
5. Accessorial copper pipes and PV pipes are wearable;
6. Re-filtered and lubricated with oil mist prior to entering each machine;
7. Integrated pneumatic and electric control system with one operation panel, featuring easy and convenient remote operation;

Steam recycling system


Steam computation:6 t/h
Boiler: 6ton
Boiler pressure: 1.3Mpa
Pipeline inner temperature: 160-200 centigrade
Steam pressure: 1.2Mpa
Each pipe enter and exit diameter: 348mm, 32mm

System introduction:
1. Supply heating source for whole production line, ensure temperature and pressure stable
2. Each machine group supply steam separately independent, easy to adjust and save energy
3. Adjusted the pressure to control work temperature, with meter to watch details
4. Each drain unit with emptying device, make the after finish manufacture
5. Each pipe adopts seamless steal pipe, ensure safety in manufacturing
6. Each pipe surface lacquering anti-rust paint and aluminum powder,do stain proofing treatment

Raw materials:
1. Metal hose, rotary joint made in china
2. Drain valve made in china

Electrical control system

System Introduction:
1. Main control part included single facer(s), double facer,slitter scorer,NC cutoff, make whole production line coordination control;
2. Pneumatic control and electric control composed ensure whole line control's technical advancement;
3. Each machine group all had independent control and coordination control two system, could meet different requirements in separately operate or combine operate. Easy for operation;
4. Production line equipped with alarm system, coordinate the work between the operators;
5. Each machine all could show other separately machine's working speed;
6. Electric parts made in ABB & Schneider.

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