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Carton enterprise development of change trend

The authors:SHANGHAI SHUNGE   Release time:2015-04-04
Our customers and the balance between cost, is very important for a cardboard-box factory, only can achieve both the supply and the demand of the basic conditions for cooperation, it will be possible to produce customer satisfaction, make t

Our customers and the balance between cost, is very important for a cardboard-box factory, only can achieve both the supply and the demand of the basic conditions for cooperation, it will be possible to produce customer satisfaction, make the products factory profit. Carton products is the key of enterprise profit, products to change, solve product variety single crisis, is to control the cost and improve the efficiency of the effective measures. In a series of production management process, the enterprise staff has played a pivotal role, talent is the cornerstone of the enterprise development, and personnel management is the cartons enterprise more weak link, pay great attention to the talents management, attracting talent to join, no doubt, is the enterprise development and expansion of the important factors. 2008 cartons enterprise began to enter into the big adjustment period, take essence, abandon the bad, the software and hardware of the enterprise seriously at the same time, the new situation requires us to change our existing development pattern, carrying out the enterprise development new pattern, develop new products, improve the product specification......
2008 corrugated carton industry development mainly reflects in seeking product changes, the enterprise development crisis for the resolution, the enterprise information development, etc. The modern carton enterprise in a changeability of the change in environment, can't avoid may occur at any time of the cost, products, customers, talents, and competitiveness of crisis. In the face of such crisis, carton enterprise should be poised to respond to, through; Or HuangBuZeLu, deeper?
Carton enterprise how to balance the cost and customers
For our customers and the balance of cost, solve the cartons of enterprise to face customer crisis, to understand deeply the customer of the enterprise is the source of the life. Has the relative stable and long-term customer resources for factory is especially important. Carton enterprise to maintain the customer resources is thought to be the key to the development of enterprise stability, in choice and fight for the customer at the same time, they want time to consider the cost control, because this is a cardboard-box factory and reduce the cost, improve the efficiency of an effective means.
"Ask canal which have to clear so much more, for a origin". Water is the source of human life. Customers, is the source of the life of the enterprise. For enterprise that, equipment, technology, capital is the ability to purchase, cooperation, financing and gain, but the customer resources can only rely on enterprises create his own. The current carton industry is in "peanuts" era, is located in the carton manufacturing supply chain of the intermediate links factory faces from upstream suppliers and downstream customers "double pressure" : on the one hand, the raw material prices dropped, occurrence quality is not smooth, cause the cost of producing factory greatly increase; On the other hand, the customer's demand is still rising. In this "were hit with a double whammy" of circumstances, if carton enterprise want to in the present market stand firm, and seek development space, it must rushed out of a road, and the customers and the cost for balance and do it with good quality and low price, high quality service. How to do it in choice and fight for the customer at the same time, and time to consider the cost control? The factory, it is undoubtedly a question.
A. Customer demand
According to not complete count, most of the losses of factory has reached more than 80% number, is commonly profitable enterprise, and profit, also be quite low, carton industry will face to the situation has been very serious. Now many end customers side constantly requirements to bring the price down, the other side is for quality and may require the material is more and more high, make have embattled factory doesn't hesitate to spend squeezed by low price strategy for survival. So, in order to seek the balance between cost and customers, first should know what specific needs to end customer.
Ø order structure is complex and singular, order more and more little
The market changes, this needs carton enterprise must adapt the market requirement, in change of survival.
Ø carton high quality requirements
Customers on the carton of material qualitative, color, printing put forward higher request.
Ø carton product requirements more and more low
Because some factory blind price competition, so that customers have had greater choice and factory to bring serious consequences.
Ø short delivery time
Customer required delivery time tight, and delivery cycle capricious.
Ø purchase more than zero inventory
Larger scale enterprise general according to product production arrangements and plan to determine the domestic carton packaging GongHuoLiang and delivery time. Carton users have to warehouse in factory, all the production according to user turn, no specific delivery time.
Factory production cost
The above is the customer needs, we focus on the factory at present cost of production.
Ø base paper price now began to drop the packaging industry is a good chance to reduce the cost.
Base paper market demand is reduced, lead to base paper costs from the original 70%, down to 60%. But paper the index and resistance than the previous years but are decreased by 5% ~ 10%. Therefore also influences the quality of the products.
Ø auxiliary materials, fuel, electric power costs have loosened
Cut the price of corn starch prices have led to stability. Coal prices still keep original fuels such as price, the price of electricity cost price rise and countries with the raw power of tight, many a cardboard-box factory invested to spontaneous points, while diesel price has gone up, causing power cost is too high.
Ø material loss is big, the manufacturing costs increase
Because of the economic use of packaging users reduce the landslide, customer order structure has also changed the complex and small batch, leading to the production line in paper, change specifications frequently, printing and color change and processing road after conditioners, trial version number increase and make materials, auxiliary materials, fuel, and power, waste and consumption increase, and low efficiency, fixed cost, labor costs and fee and other manufacturing cost increase version.
Ø financial costs rise
The carton industry to the buyer's market and customer oriented, the money collecting slow, lead to a cardboard-box factory increased liquidity interest payments. Most of the carton enterprise in the cash flow problem causes the capital turnover difficulties, had to will not expire d/a discount to cash.
Ø cost of sales increase
At present the carton industry competition is intense, especially for the factory is in order to strive for more customers, visit your house at times, spent many travel expenses, but finally ended up empty glad.
Ø management costs
Factory in order to increase competitiveness, improve product quality, will be in the management on the basis. In personnel training, employee wages, office expenses, set up information planning system, spend a lot of money.
Ø service costs rise
The integrity of the service is the guarantee of retaining the customer. Some factory to meet customer needs, a special documentary and special service, formed a one-to-one way, no doubt, and upgrade the certain cost.
Seeking to develop the combining site
From the customers' needs and the cost of the factory look, there are two aspects of the imbalance of place. Customers are looking for quality is good, price is cheap, service good factory; Factory and want to get more and the customers, reduce the cost. Therefore, both must understand customers' needs and reasonable guidance, and starting from the two aspects of the factory for combining site, improve the supply and demand relation, to promote the healthy development of the carton industry.
Reposition, choose the appropriate customers
The survival of the factory depends on sales performance. Have a good sales performance, the company can sustainable development. Will do our best to keep harmonious relationship with customers, this also is always the emphasis of the factory is in. General factory are not willing to give up large customers, and these customers also do not want to replace a cardboard-box factory. So the client to the factory in psychological, prices low, but the quality requirements but carry high, cause the bad phenomena.
From the factory interests, can not only meet the demand of customers, make themselves in passive situation. But to improve their position in the marketing to take the initiative, choose appropriate customer, to customer screened out. To mobilize resources concentrated to target customers and target market. Although may cause a part of the customers' loss, but small orders is also likely to produce good result, which can save cost of sales, reduce the financial costs.
Understand customers, a cooperative partner
At present, appeared on the market a lot of excessive packaging products, it is a waste of quality and a waste of the packaging cost, also let a cardboard-box factory unprofitable. Cause this phenomenon, a lot of respects is with the customer communication between factory because not enough, the customer is given to pursue gorgeous appearance, causing some of the error. Factory to it, should from the long-term interest of, understand customer demand, according to its own, with the actual and a favorable products.
First, must be to understand customer carton packaging "works", need to product packaging characteristics and processing, such as for packing product type, packaging production line in the use of the packing packing requirements, product packing, shipping way of storage after lifting equipment use and transportation mode, put forward rational Suggestions, correct some customers exist of wrong ideas, and help clients on some carton performance, features of training, let the customer to understand the carton products of the particularity of itself. According to the different requirements so that you can make out of products to meet client needs. At the same time to pay attention to our cost accounting, see your internal operation cost can meet the current conditions. For each individual to control cost, profit and loss to supervise. So that we can both make the cartons with a lower price for the user to really suitable for carton packaging, and make the factory make reasonable profits.
2. Ensure the quality, mining internal potential
Customers on the carton product fussy, request carton enterprise continuously improve product quality and put an end to all kinds of quality problems, fight for zero defects.
From several aspects factory to:
Ø are of good quality. From receive orders to the production, and the procurement of raw materials, product quality control unqualified;
Ø improve enterprise the overall technology level. Constant innovation, improvement of the old technology level, in order to improve the product quality, improve the production efficiency;
Ø lower base paper and other expenses cost. For example, in the paper, now use most is the low intensity, gram weight in the watts paper, actually should choose the high strength, low grams, the paper, also want to improve ring compressive strength, and wet glue degrees. Factory must be looking for the right of the mill, look for to meet the requirements of base paper, such costs other than there is profit space. To try to put the base paper cost control in within 70%-from the improvements, accumulate over a long period, that will bring the result that expect is less than,
Ø improve work efficiency and operation skills workers. Due to the adjustment of the machine, production process handling, loading and unloading could happen for waste or collision caused the manufacturing cost wasted, so need to strengthen the training of workers and normative;
Ø equipment maintenance. Let workers get take care of the equipment of the good habits. Save unnecessary costs.
Mining internal potential, is to further reduce the production cost of the key. For example lower product loss, reduce the material waste, the use of new materials, new technology, new equipment production efficiency is feasible method.
Together, common development
Now very common phenomenon is, big customers often choose the factory in the form of tender. Finally the offer of enterprise is low, the customer is the certain factory mutual this phenomenon demand, but the bid of enterprise production and has some quality problems cartons. As a peer although everybody because interest conflict, competitive, but we should also be together, forming the team spirit, not price war, don't internal friction. Because the internal friction of internecine will result. So, to give full play to the role of BaoXie around and promote industry coordination, promote horizontal integration, reasonable price ascending carton.
In short, the factory will see situation, change the idea. Really understand customers' needs, play to its own characteristics. Improve customer needs and carton production cost, the conflict between the organic union, find the right balance. Do not only saved costs factory, customers and get the satisfactory products, happy. Resources for development
The product is the key to produce profit, in small profit today, products to change, solve product crisis, is to control the cost and improve the efficiency of the effective measures. Product change namely production cardboard extend products, such as the corrugated, reveal frame, paper tray etc, has become a carton enterprise new profit growth point, carton enterprise now the situation of the implementation of the future development trend and are all about the topic of.
Speaking of carton industry's future development direction, many would say and the international community, the import high-grade line. But this competitive market environment, many small and medium enterprise does not have enough should stand firm, and how to talk about and the international community. Just to add high-grade equipment, not solve financial difficulty, but increased costs. Say so, carton enterprise should from their own, and combining the factory characteristics, in not cost growth under the premise of the other way.
In recent years, appeared on the market some use cardboard development the extension of the products, such as paper pipes, paper tray, cartons, lined with etc, and such as paper and wood in paper, plastic, paper generation to generation in paper and bamboo, such as bottles, expand the corrugated cardboard packaging industry in the application field. Some even extended to packaging purpose beyond, such as made of cardboard furniture, cardboard reveal frame, etc. These products are produced, and its light weight, appearance beautiful, material characteristics and environmental protection is very popular in the consumer favorite. We can from around supermarkets, shops saw their footprint, and they also have a wide range of abroad in use. At present, some domestic enterprise has a certain carton trend, began to use the factory equipment, developed independently by these products, and has obtained the certain harvest, opened a precedent.
So, the products to change the carton industry what interests? Now these product the development situation of what kind of?
Extend the product development
Miniature corrugated
In recent years, new type of miniature corrugated cardboard has made in the Chinese market, it marked the modern packaging and advanced printing technology perfect union. To protect the goods, convenient transportation, promote sales have common corrugated cardboard elusive advantages. At the same time, it has the aseismatic performance of high strength, exquisite printing, low cost, and hence affected by the home appliance, food, mobile phone, chemical, electronic products and other kinds of user's consistent high praise.
Miniature corrugated with type B big stare blankly type packaged compare, not only the former firm structure, parallel pressure confined degree is high, the buffer performance is good, effectively ensure the transportation process of product quality, and the printing effect bright beautiful, volume is small and exquisite, reduced the packaging cost. There are many customers in the use of the E stare blankly packaging, than the original use white board boxes that reduce the cost of many.
Corrugated furniture
On the furniture with corrugated cardboard quality and production process improvement, makes the strength of the corrugated cardboard and printing quality to have greatly enhance, for corrugated cardboard can enter into furniture market lays a foundation. Corrugated furniture is beautiful and easy and convenient use. The market is popular now with a corrugated board made of corrugated cardboard store content box. Exterior size is differ, all adopt A stare blankly stare blankly C of corrugated cardboard to make. Because have the characteristics of printing paper for, so corrugated furniture in printing design of great advantage, its bright beautiful, colorful design, and various size of specification, which is very popular. With the products in the future technology maturity, corrugated furniture will inevitably become a trend.
Display shelf
Corrugated cardboard display shelf though in Europe and America are common use, but in the domestic still is in start level. According to the expert analysis, corrugated cardboard display equipment production can reflect the strength of the enterprise carton, carton ascension image of enterprise, but also improve the enterprise technical content. The future market potential is tremendous.
How to develop the cardboard extend the product
Since cardboard extension of so many products, the market outlook is so good. Carton enterprise completely should take advantage of this chance, open up a new market. So how to expand the market new road? According to some have involved from the field in the interview that the factory of the experience:
Ø raw materials: widespread use of the remaining corrugated cardboard and abandoned leftover material, to reform. So save to buy raw materials costs, save the money;
Ø equipment: some simple extension products such as paper tray, in addition to cutting, the main rely on a large number of human responsible for gluing, combination. In contrast, more complex products, can use existing enterprise equipment. If you can't use original equipment, can be appropriately purchase products meet the production equipment, and cooperate with improved techniques to production. Some products production with cartons on machining same, some are different. Should each product and different;
Ø sales: according to a survey, found that many of these products in production factory initially were at the request of customer development. But, we should take the initiative, seek more customers. Of course the customer for these products know also need to a process. But the market leading certainly will have a market advantages, speed up the implementation of the best ideas, can in the market leading position.
Change of the interests of the
Carton products production process, the raw material cost structure decided to profit space, and cardboard delay by innovation is the decision of the profit space, raw materials of proportion of very small. If make the cartons bid price is 3 yuan, make it display equipment purchase price may be 8 yuan even 10 yuan, if the cartons of cost to 2.4 yuan, so 2.4 yuan cost display shelf for 10 yuan, purchase price. Such a great profit space, for it is now in the age of the small profits the carton industry, no doubt, like a needle doping.
Of course, extend the corrugated products technology is not perfect, it is still in the stage of the development of the rise, but as a kind of new product, has become a corrugated products a new fields. Future market will be a traditional packaging industry and corrugated cardboard delay exhibits market supplement each other development of the market. In the middle of the broad masses of the carton survive enterprise should act, go to your path, in the fierce competition.
$paging operator human wins $climaxing "day" campaign
Profit landslide, open competition ability is limited, insufficient risk...... The present situation of thin face industry, a lot of carton enterprise in the lower the price at the same time, began to increase the content of science and technology products, improve the product class, or perfect its carton quality. However, to achieve these goals, in addition to hardware--tile lines, printing the equipment and so on the increase, a key factor is that "people", only take full advantage of senior technical personnel, senior management personnel, to prevent their loss, can let us through this now, break the bottleneck of carton industry development, human can win 'war of the "day".
In the talent is universally valued at the same time, the flow of talent become inevitable. Several glad several sorrow. Well-paid talent, such as the treasures, carton industry is the successful cases in this. Talent introduction changed enterprise face, or even for the success of the core talents introduction and make some enterprise in just two years has changed enormously. The reader can still remember us start in hebei xianghe reported high's group.
Of course, there are also in the flow of talent in the backbone for the people and the loss of operators and encountering "software system" is not stable: technology, quality a can guarantee of cases. The results, only can be order then loss. Especially in the fierce competition in the market, this situation for any one of the factory on the deadly.
Whether to introduce talents, or prevent brain drain, carton enterprise of talent the attention of more and more high. Because the product quality and service level, and then to the customer order is won, the profit space development, eventually to a great extent by talent will be factors.
Some successful experience for reference of the enterprise, it is not hard to find in the talent attraction and use, they are generally from the following several aspects:
Attention senior talents
As a senior talents reserves technology and management backbone to a great extent, ensure the quality of products and technology factory strength and form the core competitive power of enterprise key. They in the carton industry has accumulated rich experience in the production and management, their industry has a relatively clear analysis and judgment, is a cardboard-box factory bosses think-tank. This kind of people with a high quality of their own, and at the same time, most of them for bearing the dignity of the factory, such talented people for carton development of enterprise play a decisive role, no matter from technology grasp, quality control, or enterprise in the long term strategy development plays a pivotal role. Carton enterprise must pay full attention to this kind of talent, not only in the material to be fully satisfied, and give full of trust and the heaven and earth to flourish.
Do everyone
For carton industry as a whole, training talents is not only necessary to ensure the quality of products, but also for formation and reserve senior talents to lay the foundation.
The carton industry in recent years on a large scale expansion, sweeping mount production line, need a lot of operating workers. Relatively backward technology education failed to timely meet the needs of the workers of operation. Therefore, many new recruiting into workers, and fill the original a line workers loss and the new employee, it must be training to mount guard. And they directly affect the quality of the products. The fierce market competition, the customer picky, harsh, a line of the workers demands natural is rising.
The factory first to set up their own staff training mechanism, through various channels improve employees' skills and technology level. For example: according to the situation of the staff to design the full set of training plan, and according to the process continued spread; Chosen relevant personnel to training institutions or related study in colleges and universities, to the rapidly comprehensive improve level; Select a staff participate in the exhibition, to help them understand promptly industry's development, the latest development of the equipment; Special please experts to factory to teach technical knowledge, etc.
Also, enterprise management personnel, for enterprise the overall level, product quality control period to a quite a variety of the role of the will, a cardboard-box factory should also spend a certain energy and material resources to improve the quality of management staff and level, let them to better serve for enterprises. Formulate the corresponding training plan or special funds, improve the management level of our factory as soon as possible and enhance their competitive ability is necessary.
Help them learn spontaneous, to form the study of the enterprise, and strive to make every employee be singular talent. Such CaiRen will for the enterprise creates the constant flow of wealth.
Force in the brain drain
Carton enterprise training a talent is not easy, and lost a talented person, the loss of it, especially the fierce competition environment, any loss of a talent will make a cardboard-box factory saddened.
How to avoid talent goes by, there are many practices it is worth trying. First to raise compensation package, perfect the employee welfare, rewards and punishments, evaluation system; Second, from mental care staff, especially pay attention to each employee, and help them to improve skills, encourage them, and stimulate them, give them to give full play to their intelligence opportunities; Set up and staff communication channels, face to face to the actual situation of understanding staff or difficulties in life, as far as possible solving the staff's practical difficulties, let employees feel enterprise employees on concern; Managers should examine their own shortage, to create a harmonious staff work environment, let people have the belonging.
And along with our country market economy level of further opening and the overseas enterprises to expand, the talented person of liquidity is increasing the prevailing trend, especially need carton enterprise quickly adapt to the modern social economy, the establishment of a set of effective talent mechanism, to resist the brain drain to the improvement of talent and requirements of the impact of the enterprise. Information construction enterprise profit space of ascension carton "the sword"
In the 1990 s, information across the developed western countries, no one will think of China carton industry also will usher in the blustery informatization construction. Even if back time five years, and all walks of life ran to the modern steps in a hurry, carton industry there are still few "warriors," dare to imagine information this concept will be within a few years deep into each corner of the carton industry, and lifted the carton enterprise informationization agitation--indeed happened in recent years the affair in the carton industry.
It is hard to say that is the pursuit of rapid, efficient and precise management production processes, and save the human resources that made the carton industry into the information, or information will "reach" initiative to the carton industry. In short, a few years to many carton enterprise informatization to changes in the be clear at a glance. In carton industry profit space more and more small state, bold use information system of internal reform enterprise saw the abundant life cartons.
The information from internal start establishing LAN, with the aid of have the information acquisition, information, information processing, information, information use function of the regeneration tools to make the running on the same network information platform. It and simple data, text of computer processing, department of statistics some independent with computer aided different, it has achieved a qualitative leap.
The ultimate goal: rapid response to win customers
Carton industry information content and other manufacturing information content no essential difference, but has the characteristics of its own. Carton industry is manufacturing and service of the combination of the industry, as the matter speaking, its product not directly use mass consumption, it is difficult to dominate the market, and must be restrained by the the services industry/enterprise, and the demand of supporting, therefore, manufacturing-according-to-sale, rapid response, request from order to production plan scheduling input to the machine controller information conversion process of a series of movement must in a very short time to complete. Carton industry timely delivery, order processing, be in the management system and a big characteristics. Modern production requirements effective arrangement, record production factory, delivery, inventory, sales department can always see each of the progress of the order of any possible to deviations from plans events take early action.
In addition to the supply chain to the needs of the construction of informatization, also faces a cardboard-box factory management up the complex degree, artificial management up hard to shake off the "san-duo and one low, a slow" (personnel and mistake more, more repeat, the low efficiency, information slow) situation. Information management can help a cardboard-box factory in the very great degree to solve the above problems.
Details from dividing up, carton industry informatization factory can help from three levels of construction set up its production management advantage. Such as: enterprises information processing and decision-making process can realize the integration of the factory product design, order entry, production scheduling and so on various departments of the decision information integration, greatly improve the efficiency of each department cooperation and lower the error; Business process and production process to the integration of the enterprise management department with carton of integrated production line control system and realize from the input of the order to production plan, to complete machine control step, shorten the production cycle, at the same time, in logistics is formed on sales, production, inventory, delivery, accounting system integration, make order, from the input to the production schedule, to the automatic production line, information transmission and transformation process in a few minutes to complete, greatly shorten the delivery cycle; Enterprise and the external integrated let customer can input order inquires through the Internet itself of the progress of the order, such as production, inventory, delivery, pay record etc, to establish a good supply chain upstream and downstream of the rapid communication. Of course now speaking, the construction of factory information to the third remains to be the carton industry informatization construction of further.
In addition, because each enterprise original information-based foundation to the different information engineering project may not overnight, must be planned step implementation, and the enterprise according to the specific conditions to develop a set of practical development plan. Integration degree by low to high, first internal information integration, and management and machine control integration, finally internal and external integration. So for the information step a clear understanding, and taking appropriate steps; In the process of implementation of continuous coordinate system and enterprise management computer process actual process of differences, and ready to adopt more modern, more standardized, more strict management system and process, the enterprise information for a the most solid foundation.
The construction of the informatization is by no means be accomplished overnight, only to select good information system timely, to achieve the maximum profit of output.
To configure corrugating machine factory production control system for example to do what preparation work factory and what should be paid attention to.
Their tile line equipment configuration conditions. Corrugating machine production management system as a supplementary corrugating machine computer control system of automatic production, its powerful automatic control function or by corrugating machine to realize, out of corrugated machine to talk about corrugating machine production management system is a castles in the air, on paper.
For part of what has control. To his own tile line equipment to do an overall understanding of their choice for production management system. Corrugating machine production management system to buy back later, appear function the shortage of excessive or function are hard to give full play to the advantages of the equipment. So shall purchase contain and their corresponding function of equipment corrugating machine production management system to be able to make their own equipment get make full use of.
The purchasing power of the factory itself and production capacity. Annual production value of 20 million RMB for less than factory for, investment funds to buy corrugating machine production management system will increase costs out spending, and difficult to in the short term will pay cost again. Therefore, low productivity and funds difficult corrugating machine factory in production management system should be a long view. In addition, the advantage of corrugating machine production management in order, yield more than they appear, particularly prominent in the production of less than a higher scale, corrugating machine production management system has a "hero no useful" regrets.
Prepare appropriate personnel. Corrugating machine production management system can realize the automatic control of corrugated machine, no doubt. But this characteristic is not out of manual control. Therefore, corrugating machine production management system on before it is necessary to consider whether our staffs have a certain cultural level to meet the future of computer operation, and they treat the new thing is with enthusiasm.
Look a little a bit long. For to buy new equipment, line factory, is to note that the device is a connection with external window and agreement, these window for the choose and buy products whether, if as a standard, equipped with, experts remind remember to connect to manufacturer needs to use the related material.
Manufacturers and other users to know. Not only to supplier and its products including the deep and detailed comprehensive understanding, especially important note know other factory using the system of the actual situation. In the factory to corrugating machine production management system can best before through various channels fully understand the market all kinds of corrugating machine production management system contains function, price, maintainability, and performance and so on, at least do not only listen to the production control system corrugating machine sales staff YiMianZhiCi. In addition, for the supplier technical strength, the management level, quality consciousness, the post-sale service, the user reactions will have to do some necessary understanding, and it is advantageous to choose when buying for reference.
As for the factory work also prepared ERP roughly similar, also especially need to pay attention to is to choose suitable for their own system, make sure the enterprise critical business needs: enterprise want to solve what problem, ERP implementation of what good? Enterprise is going to reduce inventory, or want to shorten the delivery time, or reduce the transportation cost, increase the market share, or simplify production process? Meanwhile, the enterprise the current some strategic steps will into consideration, such as customer service plan, the company's expansion or downsizing, etc. These problems not only make the enterprise ERP answer team selection or when implemented in view, it also let ERP supplier had better understand the business needs of the enterprise.
For example anhui hawks paper Co., LTD in ERP system to select suitable when became much of the work. As is known to all, anhui province, the eagle paper Co., LTD. Is a paper, cardboard and carton comprehensive production enterprise, in ma on shan, suzhou, yangzhou, and hangzhou has 7 subsidiary companies. The enterprise from the long development to consider each subsidiary of the unified ERP system, in order to realize real-time control of the true running situation of the company. The eagle head office, each branch head and technical personnel thoroughly inspected the each subsidiary is running ERP system, and several ERP supplier of investigation, overall argumentation and evaluation several selected software enterprise, the final determination a technical support and service for enterprise need professional carton ERP software producers. Facts prove, suitable for their own system is the best system.
More province artificial, is more efficient in the future
In recent years the corrugating machine production management system and the corrugating machine scheduling system (corrugating machine production management system and the ERP system, ERP system itself contains corrugating machine to be automatic scheduling module) already can realize seamless connection. Orders through the interface can be transmitted directly to a machine, reduce artificial hit single, send the red tape single hand foreword, effectively reduce the workshop single mistake chance of artificial lose, improve efficiency and save the human. The business process and realize the integration of the production process. With the cartons enterprise informatization level of further deepen. Carton enterprise and customers, suppliers, system integration, will establish good quick supply chain link, greatly reduce the cost, improve the efficiency and service quality, the development of the enterprise for carton add new power supply.
$$to look for new way out page operators remain competitive
Failure of enterprise each have each failure, but successful enterprise mostly almost, must be in every link do well, strive for perfection to, and can not well to achieve the basic demand. Even if there is a link to do bad, that makes it possible for the enterprises in market competition to serious damage.
Mining enterprise competitiveness, for carton enterprise that, faced with the main competitive pressure from competitors, not new enterprise to enter into an extended period of time, the generation of other substitutes and the industrial chain of influence. These pressure some produced in the enterprise internal, some from market changes, in the face of these and cartons of competitiveness of enterprise sad related produce, carton enterprise should take those measures, to change the status quo? Such as through the update production equipment, regulating the business model, promote an enterprise competition ability of the way the elements, and to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprises, and to make profit for the enterprise.
Competition is everywhere
The carton packing enterprise in general for technology and investment demand is not high, cause a cardboard-box factory blossom everywhere. With the repeated investment situation intensifies, production line too much capacity, too much horse, whether new join competitors or original XianRuZhe consummation, in this case will face severe market competition.
Some of the carton industry enterprise in after the "golden age" of primitive accumulation phase into the expanding, its typical performance: horizontal integration main show is through the purchase of the expansion of the restructuring; Vertical integration is the enterprise to the upstream and downstream industry chain extension, paper mills, to do a cardboard-box factory forestry development or paper mill factory is do vertical integration performance. Implement integration expansion of the enterprise produce the scale advantage to peer enterprises will be a huge threat, particularly for carton this regional strong industry as a whole, this effect more apparent.
"Alternative threat theory" for the development of corrugated carton industry at present it may be some exceptional. But, printing and packaging products from transport packaging to the sales package, from GaoKeChong to lower g, high strength, in a sense, is also a kind of alternative. In this case, those with advanced color printing equipment and advanced production craft factory is the far better than the old equipment factory more competitive, will largely preempted their market share. Experts predict, honeycomb carton will in some use the field replacement of traditional corrugated cardboard box.
But at present, from the industrial chain of influence forced corrugated carton in "were hit with a double whammy", in the middle of survival situation. "One change makes all change" : paper prices, customer demands more and more captious; The power of suppliers and customers occupy a powerful position, for carton enterprise form extrusion-a lot of carton enterprise hard times.
The competitiveness of the road
"Besieged", how to improve their own competitiveness for every one of the carton long it is the most important thing now. The essence of the competitive power of enterprise is the enterprise to effectively use the ability of production factors, only when the enterprise can better use than competitors production elements finish a job, companies not only has the certain competitive advantage. Enterprise such as can be in market competition keep long-term stable development of the competitive advantage, obtain stable excess profit, can in the market competition and the wave of FengChuiLangDa, invincible. After all, the enterprise competition ability is continue to use lower the cost of providing more and better things, or with a lower the cost of providing more and better services. Except that now than anyone else, also continue than anyone else, this is the competitive edge.
In the carton industry to "low cost and high quality" two baton root, under the guidance of after the necessary action to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.
To introduce the advanced equipment and advanced science and technology of casting products advantage. Purchase high precision, high speed, automation of high-grade equipment, its production capacity and quality is definitely lag behind, shabby, slow production equipment of rivals. As the ancient language: preceded the things, you will have to have the its device. Of course, as many in the equipment factory level of rapid follow-up, for some the same equipment level of carton enterprise, it no longer outstanding advantages. Have high yield can mount the impact of equipment to the industry now may be more big, this kind of practice formed a "serious excess capacity" is more competition environment, as if out of the cycle of off cycle.
The establishment of an information management system and production form a quick reaction efficient operation ability. The current carton market is the buyer dominate the market, and most of the carton packaging production enterprise in a business model of "manufacturing-according-to-sale", and not to yield to set the sales, to information feedback speed higher faster, carton enterprise should not only have information rapid response capability, but also a timely response capacity. Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, establish a timely and fast information feedback system is especially important and prominent. Most have the ability to set up the information system of the enterprise in several recent carton years set up information system. And how to exert its function, do it different from others, is better than others, is still carton enterprise is still in thought.
Get the scientific management system certification. With corrugated carton industry competition becomes increasingly fierce, the user to the cartons of enterprise management to change a level to have higher requirements, while the cartons of their own management level of the enterprise requirement also greatly improved, the scientific management system in the industry are widely available. Corrugated carton industry more common management system is a quality management system ISO9001, ISO14001 environmental management system and the occupational safety and health system OHSA18001. Many enterprises seize the opportunity and authentication, the strengthened enterprise quality in all aspects of the management and the perfect facilities, to raise their production and management level have significant help, and to expand the scope of its potential customer base.
Equipment manufacture and process improvement. After a new equipment after popular on horseback, and then start to the rebuilding of the enterprise touches the cartons nerve. Reconstruction technique can not only save money, no influence on production, also can combine their own factory the needs of the equipment manufacture and process improvement. It can not only in reducing bad product rate, improve product quality has immediate effect, and can also save in raw materials, energy saving in seemingly the subtle "extrusion gold". At present, the measure is the carton industry "tap" main direction.
New ideas will bring new opportunities
In the enterprises to improve the competitiveness of a few big measures, some of the details of the tiny also become a carton of enterprises to promote their competitiveness, and avoid homogeneity in the core competitiveness of the competition, such as: in a specific field do only; In rapid instant meet customer requirements made characteristics; In printing quality to win; In the box of type design capture customers "heart"; Development corrugated extend products; To quickly capture subtle corrugated market... We will see the specialization, and the unique ideas of developing corrugated carton industry development will bring a new opportunity. Let's wait and see

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