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Auto Fold Gluer And Strapping Machine

Auto Fold Gluer And Strapping Machine

Product name : Auto Fold Gluer And Strapping Machine
Item : FJ--2600
Details :
FJ- Automatic Folder Gluer and Strapping Machine
FJ automatic folder gluer and strapping machine is made up of five parts: operation system, feeding part, gluing and folding part, output part, and automatic strapping part. It adopts PLC programming control, touch screen operation and frequency conversion to adjust speed. The machine realizes the linkage of automatic paperboard feeding, gluing and folding, piling up, counting and ejecting, conveying, bundling and output and finishes an automatic carton forming production line.

1. Operation System
●  Adopt PLC programming control. Operate through touch screen.
●  Data input without stopping the machine,which is easy to operate.
●  Adopt frequency conversion to adjust speed, ensuring energy conservation and environmental protection
●  Feeding, gluing and folding, stacking, counting and outputting work with linkage, and all parts are in coordinated automatic operation.
●  Adopt different kinds of recifying devices, such as creasing wheels, crimping roller, speed differential adjustment, and flapping device, etc., which completely avoids the forfex error.
●  Adopt digital screen to show instant capacity. Remote monitoring interface is reserved, which can connect with the network production management system (DCS).
●  Linkage interface is reserved for Automatic Stitching Machine.
●  It is equipped with automatic emergency stop system, ensuring the normal production.

2. Feeding Part
●  Adopt automatic lead edge paperboard feeding.
●  Adopt electromagnetic clutch and brake system for the independent control of the Feeding Part.
●  Front baffle and conveyor belt can be left-right adjusted.
3. Gluing and Folding Part
●  Adopt full automatic glue supplying system. If it is lack of glue, the machine will alarm,
●  Frequency conversion to adjust speed, 0-139m/min adjustable.
●  Adopt linear bearing, which ensures precise adjustment, stable and reliable running.
4. Output Part
●  Adopt stepless differential speed device to minimize forfex error.
●  Adopt flapping and rectifying device to completely avoids the forfex error.
●  Automatic counting, piling and output.
●  NO./ pile: 10,15,20,or 25 pcs
●  Adopt Output delay device to prolong pressing time and to ensure adhesion effect.

5. Automatic Strapping Part

●  It is made up of 4 devices: rollers-driving transport device, flapping device, carton pressing tight device and automatic strapping device.
●  The piled cartons from the automatic folder and gluer are first transported to the rollers. (The cartons can turn at the angle of 90° automatically if needed.) Then cartons come to the strapping part, after flapping and pressing tight, at last the cartons are strapped and automatically output.

Main Technical Parameter:

Model FJ-2000 FJ-2600
Max. Paperboard Size (mm) 900×2000 1200×2600
Min. Paper Size (mm) 400×700 400×900
Folding and Gluing Speed (m/min) 0~139 0~139
Max. Strapping Size (mm) 900×980 1200×1200
Min. Strapping Size(mm) 400×300 400×300
Worktable Height(mm) 920±30
Max. Strapping Speed (piles/min) 8~10 (single line), 5~6 (double lines)
NO.( pieces) / Pile 10,15,20,25
Band Spec. PE band (width: 9~12mm, thickness: 0.8~0.9mm)
Total Power(kw) 12 14
Weight (kg) 8000 9000
Installation Area(mm) 2600×16000 3200×18000
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